JOB - Interactive Designer and Interactive Developer - Georgia or Louisiana - College Selection Website - TBD

7 Dec 2008 - 3:47pm
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Kevin Preis


I am launching a web-based business focused on the college selection
process. The next step is to move from the work I have done-marketing
research, user requirements, and a basic framework for the site-to a
completed version ready for beta.

In order to get there, I am seeking two people who will manage the
development and design for the web site. Work can be done as a part-time
commitment based on a schedule we develop jointly. I prefer that candidates
be based in Georgia or Louisiana.

I've listed the skills we'll need below:


- Expertise in (X)HTML, Javascript, and CSS

- Experience with a javascript framework like Mootools, Prototype,
Scriptaculous, EXT, or GWT

- Deep knowledge of MySQL and PHP for back-end architecture

- Knowledge of web architectures such as Apache + mod_php preferred

- Experience in developing scalable web platforms for multiple browsers


- Expertise in web design, (X)HTML, Javascript, and CSS

- Expertise in Photoshop

- Experience creating documents that define user paths and page hierarchy

The ideal people will have the requisite skills, portfolios of work, and a
couple of references. They're entrepreneurially driven and excited about the
opportunity to build a business. They have good writing skills, are strong
communicators, and are comfortable with working both independently and in
partnership with me.

Please contact Kevin at kpreis at with interest.

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