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12 Dec 2008 - 5:12pm
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I don't think this was ever about IxDers changing society in all contexts,
conditions, and situations where behavioral economics and psychology play a

*It wasn't. *

*This was about* - in the context of designing things (products, software,
solutions, services), IxDers - when they are empowered to do so, should
consider knowledge and understanding from these fields related to social
pysch and behavioral economics to guide and shape, perhaps even to influence
positive outcomes but only within the context of the product, service,
solution they are actually designing.

No matter how much theory I study, or how good/bad a designer I am - I don't
work for Gillette, and therefore, I have zero influence over the 1 Billion
disposable razors they stick in landfills every year - as a designer - I do,
as a consumer, but that is outside the purvue of this list.

Within the context of social media apps that I have designed that had
reputation and rewards systems built in to influence behavior, I could -
perhaps I should, allow for opportunities for users to contribute positively
to their community.

~ will

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and what you innovate are design problems"

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On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 4:57 PM, allison <alliwalk1980 at> wrote:

> I see teaching a person to use less electricity and designing a
> product to use less electricity as two different things. In the 2nd
> case, I don't need to change my behavior - now, running the
> hairdryer and the vacuum don't short my system.
> I just don't see how interaction designers can, with confidence,take
> it upon themselves to overcome the major challenges of society. Why
> would an interaction designer know more about the challenges of
> society than, say, the people we elect to solve those problems for
> us?
> I'm not saying that collaboration isn't possible, and maybe that
> was the author's point. I just didn't read that part.
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