Rosenfeld Media Offers Big Holiday Discount

15 Dec 2008 - 3:38pm
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So I just got this email, and knowing that a lot of you folks are
joining or have joined UXBook Clubs, and with the Holidays right
around the corner - check these savings out...

Use Discount Code HAPPY to get UX books under your Chanukah bush, XMas
Tree or whatever else you want to put it under :-)

From Lou
Although most of our customers prefer to do business with us directly,
many of you opt for purchasing Rosenfeld Media books via's
Marketplace program. We're happy to work with you that way, and
apparently you're happy too. We just received our hundredth Amazon
customer rating: 95 "5"s, and 5 "4"s. Not bad, considering "5" is the
most positive rating.

We take service seriously, so we're thrilled (special shout-out to
Karen Corbett, our customer service maven). But as much as we'd like
to claim all the credit, kudos are also due to PSSC, our fulfillment
center in Ypsilanti, Michigan, who work hard to get our orders out the
door in a timely fashion.

To celebrate this milestone and the upcoming holidays, we're doing
something cheesy: offering a discount code good for 30% off our books
and webinars, good until midnight EST December 24: HAPPY. The only
catch: it only works when you buy directly from us (sorry, we don't
quite have the ability to get Amazon to match our discounts!).

~ will

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and what you innovate are design problems"

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