ADMIN: attachments (was RE: Beauty and Transparency)

8 Dec 2003 - 11:32am
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Dave Malouf

Before people respond too loudly about the message just sent w/ the
attachments, I want to intercede.

1. there has been no prohibition made about attachments.
2. the latest e-mail was really the first non-text attachments sent and
confirms what I feared that the system is horible with them.
3. B/c of that, I would like to mandate that moving forward people do not
send attachments, but rather put in links to documents they feel are

Since I cannot absolutely regulate this, I ask for people's participation.
Individuals will be warned once and then on a 2nd infraction be banned from
posting, but can still receive messages.

We are still working out our overall guidelines and they will be posted on
our new web site which we are tirelessly working on at this very moment.

Thank you for your patience.

-- dave

David Heller
dave at

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to connect \\ AIM: bolinhanyc
\\ Y!: dave_ux
\\ MSN: hippiefunk at

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