using a blog to drive ecommerce (and/or customer engagement)

30 Dec 2008 - 11:02am
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Tania Schlatter

Hi all,

Any examples or stories about companies using a blog to drive sales of
products on the web? For example, Design Within Reach delivers emails
on request that include products and more - events, background
stories, etc., but they don't put this type of content into a blog
(that I know of). now has a small link to a daily blog on the home page,
which, as it is from, contains posts about a wide variety
of topics and products. This blog is integrated with the site. Any one
know if it helps drive sales? Anyone subscribe to amazon's daily blog
or others like it? Anyone done or know of any research that relates to
this topic?



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Tania Schlatter
Nimble Partners, LLC


30 Dec 2008 - 11:23am

Our Customer Evangelist, Betsy Weber, maintains a blog for our products and company:
I don't have data on how much it drives sales, but it definitely increases customer engagement. I do have some anecdotal reports via customer feedback that at least some users have purchased upgrades based on new features, fixes, or tips posted in the blog. We also hear from some users that the tips and tricks on the blog have shown them new ways to use our products, and they've told other people about it, potentially increasing word-of-mouth sales... I have no idea how to quantify that, though.
As an aside, I find our blog valuable as another place to gather feedback from users. Some users who don't call or email us sometimes post their feelings and experiences on our blog.


User Experience Designer
TechSmith Corp.

30 Dec 2008 - 7:40pm
Jennifer Brook


A handful of clients I have worked with have been successful using
blogs as a way to increase page rankings for product search terms.

We have also discovered that crawlers love and will quickly index
video content; one client incorporating video into her blog was able
to gain first page rankings for a product the same day the video was

So yes, we have seen higher conversion rates as a result of increased
SEO rankings due to blogs.


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