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Dave Malouf

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> Take a look at the above-noted issue, pg 178: From
> Drab to Fab
> The article postulates: "One of Kotchka's [executive
> at Procter & Gamble] first steps was to give design
> its own department -- previously designers served in
> the marketing department."
> It continues: "More business-savvy designers are on
> the way, thanks to design schools that emphasize
> corporate skills as dell as draftsmanship.
> Northwestern's master's program in product
> development, introduced last year through its
> McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science,
> includes courses in basic accounting, marketing,
> conflict resolution, statistics, and ethics. Design
> programs at Stanford and the Illinois Institute of
> Technology are also adding business courses to their
> curriculums.
> ...their bosses are starting to realize that many
> skills, such as interpreting customer needs and
> rapid prototyping, can extend beyond the confines of
> the design department. 'Design has to be seen as a
> cultural cornerstone -- it can't report to
> marketing,'...'There's an argument that in the next
> ten years, marketing will report to design.'"
> [Feels even better than curling up in a fluffy
> comforter on a cold night! Create a
> groundswell...write to the Fortune editorial staff.]

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