Interesting article, Design Anthropology: Response to Yoko Akama

12 Jan 2009 - 12:37am
7 years ago
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Jarod Tang

As we know, guys in the list hold different opinions on user research.
As one of the potential user research enhancement, Design
Anthropology, there's a debate between Dori and Yoko Akama, which
stimulate my curiosity.

Some recently case on this,
1. nokia pull out from japan silently
2. iPhone also encounter hard times in japan from 4 months ago

Design Anthropology is a interesting way for thinking about these problems.




12 Jan 2009 - 8:50pm
Jarod Tang

Hi Allison,

Here, i may not inline with Dr. Dori on market research vs design
anthropology, and for me, market research is the goal while design
anthropology is the way to the goal.

Here,design anthropology can be a powerful activity in design research
( instead of market research) for better design solution. It's
attractive for designer as
1. Anthropology is for studying human culture, behavior and
experience, that is to say humanness, which is the first important
for interaction/experience design.
2. Anthropology is well developed with genre, method (culture),
cases, and master piece (failures and success), which is a good
foundation to develop design research methods ( as so designers
already did for years, such as cooper mentioned the ethnography for
design research)
3. It provides holistic as well as detail view on how design should be
( as good design research should be), such as for Japaneses are
polite(compare to other estern Asia area), they may send a message
before the formal contact with you ( such as phone call), this have
the penitential to influence the design

For e.g., for japaness mobile market, the initially cause is the
difficulty to input japaness, which leads to emoji, and it develops as
something more expressive than normal characters, that change the
people;s image on messaging, and then develope a "sub mobile messaging
culture" compare other market. If the product designer aware of this (
it's importance, and everyday using pattern), the things will become
more clear.


On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 7:49 AM, allison <alliwalk1980 at> wrote:
> Hey Jarod, I'm not for or against the arguments on Dori Tunstall's
> blog, but I'm curious to know your take on how design anthropology
> vs market research could help designers think about the Japanese
> mobile phone market.
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