Leaderboard on Home Page Question

5 Jan 2009 - 4:46pm
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I'm looking for some advice. I work for small and medium sized news
and information websites and we recently received the request to use a
leaderboard ad spot in the header of the site home page, instead of a
smaller ad spot. I would prefer to continue to use leaderboards on
article or section fronts, but not on the home page. My instinct
tells me that users who visit our home pages are looking for broad
content options and will be turned off by the presence of a
leaderboard above the navigation since that is still the main path to
our content options.

On article pages, I don't think it's a hindrance since they can simply
ignore the leaderboard (or click on it) but either way users are not
hindered from viewing their content as it is delivered in the main
section of the page.

Any thoughts or help on this would be great!


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