web app or internet app (was: The End of UsabilityCulture?)

16 Nov 2004 - 5:11pm
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Frank Ramirez

Andrei wrote:
> So if a link is used as an action like posting financial
> information or
> credit card, as is the case with nearly all browser based app
> out there
> like Amazon.com and eBay, are we saying those aren't "web
> apps."

No, we're not. If we're to agree with MW - Amazon and eBay as a *whole*
are web apps since they use HTTP/HTML. Their payment processing engines
in particular are not necessarily web apps.

> I think the MW definition is a bit off.

I would agree that it's problematic. But I also think it's good to have
a shared vocabulary. How would you restate it?

> To tie a definition of something as large as the
> "world wide
> web" into a specific, arbitrary expression of a UI convention seems
> wildly wrong to me.

I don't think the definition is tied to a UI convention. It's tied to a
technology: Hypertext/HTTP/HTML.

Again, I'm not sure this is helpful or useful (I do know it's trivial
;-)). But if we believe that there's a diff btw internet and web, we
need to draw the line somewhere, right?


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