Corporate website redesign, where to put intranet access?

20 Jan 2009 - 9:53am
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Perhaps call the employe login link: "Remote Employee Login", as
that sounds like what it does.

Instead of "Corporate Information", perhaps "About [companyname]"

I've seen the "graphics" section of many corporate web sites
called "Press Kit", "Media Kit", and "[companyname] In The
News", depending on what's really there, and for whom it's

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20 Jan 2009 - 5:32pm

Find our who is using the site the most now. Is it people outside the
company? Is it people looking for that login link?

In either case, the best place is the same place all the online store
places put it.

I shouldn't have to tell you where that is...

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21 Jan 2009 - 12:01pm
Paul Bryan

Hi Elizabeth,

Experts, like the people reading ixda discussions are a good source
for best practices. However, I think you need to get your users
involved in this process, even if you have no budget for it yet.
It%u2019s a great way to counter-balance the previous owner%u2019s
opinions with the voice of the people.

First identify the broad categories of people using the Intranet:
Executives, inside sales, field sales, marketing, managers, product
development specialists, etc. Invite a representative of each of
these groups to a working lunch where you do a traditional card sort
exercise, which will result in a good set of terminology for the
links, and a hierarchy of how things should be organized. If you
don%u2019t have info about card sorts, please email me and I%u2019ll
find some for you to work with.

Then create a profile on each of the user types you have identified.
With their input, create some realistic scenarios of how these user
types will use the Intranet. (For more info how to create user
scenarios for employee portals see the related link on the home page
of my web site, Step through each of these scenarios
and see if the structure you came up with after the card sort makes
sense. Make adjustments as necessary, and then socialize this to the
stakeholders to get their buy-in.

This approach will give you an organic, bottom-up organizational
structure and nomenclature system that will be authentic to your

Kind regards,

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22 Jan 2009 - 2:55am

In addition to the answers posted so far, I hope this will help...

Before I begin, I have to ask:
- what is the site objective
- who are the target audience
- what is the current usage pattern
- what was the reason for the redesign
- has a benchmark analysis of sorts, or any SWOT analysis been as
part of this redesign?

Yes, I think it is important to involve internal users, but if they
are not the site target audience, what we tend to end up with is a
site that works for internal users, but not intuitive to the
customers or general public. So, you'll have to make the call on

1) If the site is targetted at business partners and customers, or
general public, the intranet login should really be kept separate and
if possible, not be on the site at all. But yes, it is difficult to
change current habits, so if the best is to make the link as
invisible as possible, may I suggest "Intranet Login". The word
"login" automatically suggests special access is needed before the
site is viewable.

2) Perhaps you can call it "About us" instead of "Corporate
Information"? That will resolve being too "Corporate", and you can
have "Corporate Responsibility" next to that.

3) Media?

Some companies don't extract texts from pdf brochures specially into
the web sites as it may result in consistency issues later.

Hope this helps you.

Cheers, and good luck with your project.

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25 Jan 2009 - 5:27am

Thanks to everyone for your support, input and suggestions; it's
great to have a sounding board (especially as I am currently a one
person team on this project!).

In answer to your questions:
As of last week we have had Google Analytics added to the site, which
is already giving us a lot of the information we sorely needed (as
pointed out by William and Ivy). Currently 98% of the traffic is
heading towards that employee login! However, this may be because
the site is not well publicised. Up until now it has been a
necessity, but not a marketing tool in any way (a corporate
decision). However, it looks like there is a new corporate strategy
about to be embraced, promoting services, which would require much
more visibility and which would obviously affect the architecture.

The original reason for the redesign - and a good opportunity to
update and refresh its look and organization - was compliance with
accessibility laws and standards.

Heuristic, accessibility and a basic SWOT analysis have been
conducted (the first things I did when I started there). Prior to
that they did interview the members of the board and sent out
questionnaires to shareholders and other users (but I think that was
in 2005-6, yep, things move slowly!).

As you can tell, usability and interaction design techniques are
quite new to this client, so it's a question of showing them the
possibilities and improving the methodology bit by bit. There are
plans to train some interns in this field, so at least they are open
to ideas (as long as they don't require too much time and resources
of course! hehe).

Anyway, thanks to all (Bryan, Peetri, Ivy) for suggesting
alternatives. "Employee login" or "Intranet login" as a visible
log in box on the home page makes a lot of sense, and the "About"
section avoids the "corporate" label duplication.

Paul, thanks for the suggestions and pointers to resources.
I completely agree that this needs to be user-focused, though at the
moment because of the internal politics and structure, I would not
have access to all the key shareholders (I'm subcontracted which
reduces my status even more!). However, I have extracted some info
from the questionnaires and hopefully Google Analytics will give me
some more direction. bit by bit I hope to go addressing these
Regarding card sorting, yep, I think it is essential. That I think I
can do by email within the company, which would at least be a start.
Scenarios and personas will be the next challenge!

Kind regards,


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