Masters Programs in Interaction Design (NYC - was Kansas)

26 Jan 2009 - 3:17pm
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Hey Ray -

As far as I know, here are your choices.

Interaction design program at SVA (new, fulltime (meaning no parttime
enrollment allowed))
NYU ITP (fulltime)
Parsons Design and Technology program (fulltime)

NJIT offers some kind of HCI program - this was too far off the beaten
path for me to look into, so I don't know much about it.

If you wanted to pursue a more general course of study (a general
design program with the thought of applying it to IxD on your own)
then Pratt would be another option. maybe I missed a few.

There is some online or local parttime coursework offered through

been there done that. applied, got in, decided it was not affordable
from a life or wallet perspective, or critical to my career
progression. at least not yet.

BTW, in my experience, product management (if that's what your PM
stands for, as opposed to program or project management) can be a good
place from which to try to effect change on the UX side. Most
companies have this sort of position and a lot of them do not (yet)
have UX positions. Perhaps you can see where I'm going here... :-)

hth - good luck


On Jan 21, 2009, at 9:01 AM, Ray DeLaPena wrote:

> As a long time system designer/BA/PM/SA/generalist type guy trying to
> transition my career to IxD/UX I've been struggling to find a remote
> curriculum because there shockingly seems to be no program in New York
> City (at least that I'm aware of) -- never mind a program for people
> working full time.
> While I see the benefits of studio design study and the apparent
> inability of such a group activity to be available virtually, I have
> a big problem with the idea that we can't find a way to use
> technology to impart the necessary skills and education that qualify
> someone to perform these design activities. Unfortunately I don't
> yet have a solution to that problem, but I certainly resist the idea
> that it is insurmountable.
> Ray


27 Jan 2009 - 11:56am
Ray DeLaPena

Thanks Michael.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to feed my brain. I'm
not sure I can swing a full time program right now anyway but it's
great to know there actually are some local options if the degree
track is the way I want to go.


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