Recommendations on UI for filtering content /switching user-roles.

26 Jan 2009 - 7:13am
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Thanks for your reply Ivy. Particularly like the justification for not
using the "Go" button in the drop-down. I was coming at it from a more
technical approach.. thinking about javascript etc.


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Hi Nik,

One of the projects I managed was an online application that had
similar requirements and implemented that using dropdown list too.
The dropdown list approach worked well for us, as it didn't clutter
the screen with too many options which were not necessary once a
selection is made; and we kept the 'selected' option visible
indicating the current view. We didn't use the "Go" button, as
users felt a click on the dropdown list and making the selection are
2 quite deliberate actions that cannot occur accidentally. The other
advantage of the dropdown list would be scaleability for addition new

In that situation, different information views and scope of
functionalities were available, depending on whether the user was a
company, manager, broker, financial advisor or an investor. The
company had the highest access rights in the hierarchy and could
change views to the rest, while the investor was limited to only an
investor view.

Having said that, all our users went though induction programs to
familiarise them with the system, so perhaps you will find that
helpful too.

Hope this helps!


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