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26 Jan 2009 - 8:26am
7 years ago
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Chris Wright

How do people feel about this?

I have sections of a site that could appear equally in several of my bigger
sections. Where do they go? I can see two options:

- But them in one location, and provide 'cross linking' in other areas to
inform users where to find them
- But them in both, in the navigation

Are their any accepted standards for this?


Chris Wright


26 Jan 2009 - 8:12pm

I had the same problem. The gurus say there's no wrong or right doing
in this case. It all depends on how much does it make sense for your

In my case, the "where am I?" question fails to have an answer.
Users that land on that area from google organic pages will ask that
question. I do not know what to show them if my product is in more
than one category.

Example: let's say that a cms platform belongs to cms category as
well as it belongs to a blogging platform category. You list it under
both categories. But when a user lands on the product page you have to
decide what category you want to show your users. You can always have
the option to show them both. But in a tabbed website, you can not
have both tabs selected. And so on...

I still have this issue for the landing pages no matter how I put it.
Let me know if you find other solutions

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29 Jan 2009 - 12:46pm
Paul Eisen

I can't reference research to support this - and I'm not a guru -
but I am a strong proponent of the principal that content should live
in only one location, as represented in the breadcrumbs and other
primary navigational mechanisms. Convenient links can and should be
located wherever this content may be applicable.

But by locating the content formally in multiple locations, the site
structure becomes more obscured or convoluted, making it harder for
the user to make sense of the whole site.


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