Introducing Quince: A UX Patterns Explorer

2 Feb 2009 - 8:53pm
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Dave Malouf

I find this REALLY impressive work on many levels!!!!
Thanx for sharing!

In particular it is a great example of RIA design (yes, peeps you have to
download a new plug-in, so what!?!) .

-- dave

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 7:28 PM, J. Ambrose Little <ambrogio at>wrote:

> Hi folks!
> I thought you'd like to know about a new (free) tool that Infragistics just
> released. We call it Quince, and it's a RIA UX patterns explorer.
> You can read my in-depth intro <> that
> covers what you can do and some of the thinking behind it, if you like, or
> just jump right in and try Quince now <> .
> You need Silverlight, but it's an easy install on both Windows and
> Mac--just follow the link to install. I use it mostly in Safari on my Mac
> and Chrome on Vista, but it should work in Firefox and IE, too. ;)
> Quince Community - You Guys and Gals
> I've seen a fair amount of conversation on this list, and a ton of good
> advice being bandied around (accordions, tag clouds, and much more).
> Problem is, it just gets lost and you end up having to repeat yourself. A
> nice thing about Quince is that you can use it as a reference point for
> advice--you can communicate best practices through patterns and simply point
> people in that direction. (And of course you get all the other nice things
> design patterns do for you.)
> Quince offers a number of different kinds of community participation where
> you can show your stuff and also learn from others:
> - Use the "I Use This" on the pattern viewer to simply indicate you use
> it (and thereby suggest it is worth using for others).
> - Suggest improvements to the patterns--we thought this was better than
> ad-hoc, wiki style to help ensure quality.
> - Share examples of patterns--simply upload a screenshot with a short
> description and citation.
> - And finally, the big momma of participation :), propose patterns to
> the community!
> We intend to continue to build out the library ourselves with new patterns
> we find and that build upon these, moving up the interaction chain from the
> lower level ones that often map to widgets/controls, to more composite
> experience-level patterns. There are some like this already there, but
> there is a lot of room to expand! This is why we chose "UX" pattern
> explorer instead of just "UI"--to emphasize the holistic storytelling
> approach, i.e., patterns that compose any number of discrete interactions
> with UIs and widgets to achieve a particular goal.
> Another benefit I hope folks will see from Quince is that it can help to
> get developers and designers speaking the same language. For instance, we,
> Infragistics, are pretty well known in the .NET developer community, and
> we're telling them all about this tool, too, and hoping/expecting they'll
> use it themselves. (The reception on twitter and blogs even just today has
> been enthusiastic.) Design patterns are something already familiar to devs
> and architects, so if folks in these IxD/IA/UX communities come together
> with the dev communities in Quince, we can continue to help bridge the gap
> that way.
> In any case, I hope you find you can use the tool in your own work to
> discover, find, and use patterns to improve your own designs, and of course
> any participation would be a benefit to everyone using it.
> Nota Bene: As you'll see in the Sources section in the patterns, we owe a
> debt of gratitude to others who have pioneered in this area, particularly
> Yahoo's library (Christian Crumlish et al) and Jennifer Tidwell's Designing
> Interfaces, among others. If you're reading, thanks! (We'd love to have
> you on the Quince Patterns Council.) Even though we have endeavored to
> provide original content for the patterns, certainly their work informed us,
> guided us, and provided a solid foundation to jumpstart this community. (We
> did keep the same pattern names because we felt creating new ones would
> counteract part of the purpose of patterns--providing common vocabulary.)
> Cordially,
> Ambrose Little
> Quince PM and IxD
> Infragistics, Inc.
> P.S. We do have feeds inside the app for various Quince content-related
> stuff, but if you want to stay on top of new developments, design rationale
> thoughts, announcements, and such regarding Quince (and other UX schtuff),
> our new UX team blog, Round Edges <>,
> is the place to track. (Bear with us as the forums and blogs receive a
> facelift.)
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Dave Malouf

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