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10 Dec 2003 - 1:55pm
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Challis Hodge


About OK/Cancel

OK/Cancel is a comic strip written for a very specific audience, but much of
what we talk about is quite universal. Most everybody can relate to things
in the world which don't work like they should -- and you needn't be a
usability specialist, interaction designer, industrial designer or any sort
of designer to appreciate that frustration. But if you ARE any of those
aforementioned people or have had the pleasure and pain of working with one
or more of this rare breed, this strip is for you.
The other interesting bit about this strip is that it is a completely
virtual collaboration. We write scripts over IM, use FTP as primitive source
control for comics, and code asynchronously against MT.


<> [business]

<> [personal]

847.381.4611 [office]

847.381.4631 [fax]

847.977.9913 [mobile]

cha11is [AIM & Y!]

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