Favicon and Apple Bookmark Icon

10 Feb 2009 - 9:36am
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Albert Banks

My company is an interactive agency. For a few years now as a standard
procedure we've created favicons (favicon.ico) for websites we build.
Recently, we have started creating an Apple Bookmark Icon
(customIcon.png) as well.

As an owner of an iPhone I dig the bookmark icon. But in day to day
browsing on a computer I actually use the favicon. In fact all my
browser bookmarks are simply the favicon. It allows me to have more
bookmarks without displaying any text. For me and those that use
favicons in this manner, the image essentially defines the entire

I noticed recently Google updated their favicon. I also noticed this
site does not have one, despite a perfect mark to use (the X in

I was curious what your thoughts are on the importance or need of
these images/icons that visually define a web presence.

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