The truth about Apple's market share [was: What isUsability...]

21 Nov 2004 - 7:26pm
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Manu Sharma

> It tells me that something dramatically changed in last 52 weeks.
> Doesn't give me any information about Jobs charisma. But it does
> out that Apple gained it's ground back again by diversifying...

We seem to have forgotten the remarkable success that was the original
iMac. Apple sold close to a million pieces in less than five months of
its debut. Barring the iPod, no other high value product comes to mind
that has had such a launch in recent years.

What we see with Apple's foray in digital music is Act two. Apple was
close to the brink of disintegration when Schully left. They had no
well defined product strategy. They had morale problems and no sense of
direction. To quote someone: "...the company software was non existent
(if you except the spin-offs FileMaker and Claris) and the hardware
line was a mess, no logic between models and, most importantly,
absolutely no entry level computer. His way to save Apple was to
simplify the product line and, obviously, to reintroduce an entry
model: the iMac."

Jobs took over Apple at share price of $13, now it's over $55. If all
that isn't convincing, there are plenty of other places to learn about
Job's charisma and the remarkable success he had prior to the last 52

Steve Jobs Interview from Mar 1999 on the success of the iMac

"It's become the number one-selling computer in America, it's the
number one-selling computer in Japan, it's the number one-selling
computer in France, and a few of the other European countries."
"I don't think in terms of market shares, I think in terms of us making
the best personal computers in the world, and if we can do that, I
think our market share will go up."

Business Week traces the rise of Apple after Job's second coming.
July 2000 Cover Story:

"Apple. Yes, Steve, you fixed it. Congrats! Now what's Act Two?"

Story demonstrating Steve's huge personal stake in Apple's success.

"Steve Jobs fails to get his bonus
Only collects his dollar and counts his shares poor thing"

A detailed, insightful look into Apple's business strategy including
their focus in lifestyle products.

"Saving Apple from the Brink of Death with Strategy
Steve Jobs: The Savior of Apple"


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