Seeking ID professionals in non-profits

16 Feb 2009 - 2:58pm
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kelly kowatch

I'm a Career Counselor at the University of Michigan School of
Information. I'm doing a research project on people who work in
fields related to human-computer interaction. I'm looking to
interview a couple people for my research. Specifically, I would be
interested in speaking with
a current professional who is relatively new to the profession (five
or less years in the field) and works in the non-profit sector.

Please contact me off-listserv at kkowatch at
if you fit this profile and would be interested in contributing to my
research. I can provide details regarding the project at that time to
determine interest.

Thank you!

Kelly A. Kowatch, Career Counselor
University of Michigan School of Information
Career Services & Practical Engagement Program
402 West Hall
kkowatch at

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