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23 Nov 2004 - 4:10am
11 years ago
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Narey, Kevin


Wake up and load the coffee?


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23 Nov 2004 - 4:25am

Narey, Kevin:

> Wake up and load the coffee?

This will never work. The web was just not made for this. This would never
replace my morning coffee. You can't return tepid coffee smell online.
Applied research proves 13.7% of online users in Tibet prefer to eat Tofu
with their coffee and Tofu has discernable no smell. For years, I've been
licking my monitor when visiting Epicurious.com, was I wrong?

Nullius in Verba

23 Nov 2004 - 11:06am
Marko Hurst

A write up 3 or so years ago in Wired Magazine spoke about this type of technology in the future and “wha-la” here it is! At the time it referred to expanding the "smell factor" to the television (possibly the net as well, but I don't recall). The article described in similar fashion that as something was displayed on screen the apparatus (attached to the TV), would produce the "appropriate" smell from a fresh spring rain to a garbage filled alleyways.

Anyway, the device was actually a set of 'essential oils’, the basic set being 16 different oils (the largest set was 36) that could be combined to create 1000's of different scents, with a small blower fan to disperse that smell throughout the room.

I'm not as quick to judge (as others seem to be already) as to whether or not I'd like it or not, but I would be willing to try before I dismiss the possibility to adding another sensory perception to my viewing pleasure. Now, I am willing to jump on the band wagon to state I think I’d be very opposed to and would have to draw the line if the sense of “Taste” was being used, (I’m a picky eater).


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