Organizing 'How to' articles/Tech-notes

24 Nov 2004 - 3:15am
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Navneet Nair

We're planning on including a set of 'How-to' articles as part of our
online help-desk. Typically these articles describe a series of steps
required to undertake a commonly executed task.

Since we have quite a large application, the number of tasks put
together could easily cross 150. Here comes the challenge. Are there
any patterns examples that help in organizing relatively disparate
'how-to' articles?

A sample MS Outlook 'How to' page looks like this:

To me this looks highly un-organized. And I have to use the page
search to see if my keyword appears on the screen. And if I'm looking
for the wrong keyword, I might not find anything at all.

Amongst the thoughts I had, here are some of the approaches I thought of:

1. Arrange on the basis of roles that would undertake the task
2. Based on complexity of task
3. Based on modules

Are there more such possible organizations? Are there any best
practices? Any patterns?


Navneet Nair
Interaction Architect
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