Embeddable fonts for PowerPoint

19 Feb 2009 - 4:56pm
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In trying to avoid a fiat from management against non-Microsoft fonts
in my PowerPoint presentations, I've been learning more about how to
embed fonts within a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

Microsoft's reference on the subject was my first destination:

This site actually included the technical details of PP font embedding
that I was looking for:

I instaled this Windows explorer extension that provides a surplus of
information about font files, include their embeddability.

So, I quickly learned that the OpenType version of Helvetica Neue I've
been using won't be embeddable at all. (PowerPoint won't embed
OpenType fonts, and the version of the font I have only allows preview
and print embedding, anyhow.)

Is anyone aware of online font search tools that filter based on the
embeddability afforded by a font's license?
Has anyone had positive experiences embedding respectable fonts in PowerPoint?


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