ADMIN: Preparing for the Holidays (set to vacation mode)

15 Dec 2003 - 2:10pm
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Dave Malouf

Hi everyone,

As the holiday season in the Judeo-Christian world is fast approaching I
realize that many people will be going on wonderful vacations between now
through the new year.

Some people who are using their business addresses for their subscription to
this list, will need to create an auto-responder notifying everyone who
sends a message to them that they are out, and who to contact in their
absense. These types of auto-responders however are not all that useful to
people writing to a discussion list who do not need to keep track of

In our soon to be published guidelines, it is a requirement that people set
their accounts to not receive mail by following the directions in this

1. go to

2. towards the bottom of that page is a short form in the section headed
" Subscribers". Fill out the text field with
your subscribed address (if you are sharing an inbox, please be sure to use
the correct address) and press the button "Unsubscribe and edit options"

3. On the next page, you can log into your options in the top form, by
typing in your password and clicking the button, labeled "Log in".
3a. If you do not have your password saved from a previous monthly
reminder or from what you subscribed, go down to the section labeled
"Password Reminder" and click the button that says, "Remind" ... After you
receive the e-mail you can go back to step 3.

4. Once you log in you will be on a page with a new set of forms. Scroll
down to the section labeled, "Your
Subscription Options". The first option in that form is called "Mail

5. Set that option to "Disabled" if you do not want to have mail sent to
that address while you are gone. You will still be subscribed to the list.
5a. The "Set globally" checkbox takes this setting and applies it to
all the lists you are subscribe to for the domain
This added feature only applies for people who are on other lists,
otherwise, you should not use it.

6. Go to the bottom of the page and click the button, "Submit My Changes".

Everyone who writes to this list will appreciate you taking the extra effort
to follow these instructions.

Thank you very much.
-- dave

David Heller
dave at

for work \\

to connect \\ AIM: bolinhanyc
\\ Y!: dave_ux
\\ MSN: hippiefunk at

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