[Event] Qualification for the UX Challenge (Arctic edition) is open

2 Mar 2009 - 9:06am
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Lillian Medby

I'm one of the insane people organizing UX Challenge, Arctic edition
(http://www.ixda.org/discuss.php?post=38434) :-).

To sum up for those of you who haven't followed the recent
discussion: The aim is to create a prototype of a web based system
that will create dialogue between people in a conflict.

The case we're working with is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We
are inviting representatives from both sides of the conflict to help
us gain insight and understanding about how we can help them.

This event will be organized as a competition:
1. 40 teams of 5 UX professionals will compete creating a prototype
of the web-based system.
2. Leading minds in our industry, such as BJ Fogg and Jesse James
Garrett, will be giving inspirational talks and will be available to
guide you during the competition.
3. You will learn a lot from how other UX professionals do their
4. The jury will consist of amongst others BJ Fogg, Jesse James
Garrett, and a Peace Organization
5. The winning prototype will gain fame and glory, and will be

The Location is Longyearbyen, Svalbard: The northernmost city in the
"So remote that the city does not exist on Google maps, yet so
beautiful and mysterious that you will long to return. The perfect
location for the greatest ever UX challenge."

To make this happen we want the best of the best UX practitioners
around the world, and we would be ever so happy to see some of you
guys there!

To qualify for the event go to

The ten first teams to be accepted receive a 10% discount.
And: All IxDA members will receive a 5% discount if they enter the
code "ixda" when making the final registration/paying.

(Ps: Double discount is unfortunately not possible, so if you are
lucky to be one of the first ten teams you will not get a 5% discount
on top of the 10% discount).

Join us! We really hope to see you there :-)

Warm regards from the cold North
from Lillian,
For the UX Team

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