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29 Nov 2004 - 9:09pm
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Steven Streight

I'm glad David Heller took the problem of
instinct/intuition vs. conscious/rational regarding
interaction design all the way to the real root
question of what is a human's first interactive

I've never understood why if a non-human entity
(animal or insect) creates a complex object, it's
"just instinct"...but it a human entity creates a
complex object, it's due to "intelligence". Stupid
idea, based on anthropocentric arrogance. Poor
animals, haven't invented nuclear war devices or

An interface that is "intuitive" is relatively easy to
figure out, based on past experience with similar

Thus "guessable" is a very good word--and I'm one of
those marketing department types.

The archaic interface would be the umbilical cord,
then I suppose the nipple. The earliest stage human
entity's interaction with its food source is worth
looking into.

To view with disdain this exploration of our shared
earliest experiences, calling it "crazy talk," is an
unfortunate prejudice that only prevents illumination
of the topic.

Why would any particular avenue of research into
primal human behavior be designated "taboo" or "crazy

Steven Streight
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30 Nov 2004 - 9:29am
Elizabeth Buie

Steven Straight writes:

>The archaic interface would be the umbilical cord,
>then I suppose the nipple.

I say it's the nipple.

The baby/fetus doesn't have to *do* anything with respect to the umbilical

Elizabeth Buie
Computer Sciences Corporation
Rockville, Maryland, USA

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