This Thursday: UX Irregulars + IxDA Toronto - Interaction '09 Conference Redux

9 Mar 2009 - 9:01am
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Meredith Noble

Hi Everybody,

Announcing our next IxDA Toronto event, co-hosted by our good friends
the UX Irregulars.

Please RSVP at if you plan to attend:

Or email us at: toronto-local at

Thursday March 12, 2009 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Centre for Social Innovation - Room 120

215 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Torontonians who attended the IxDA Interaction '09 conference will
summarize their favourite talks and themes from the conference to bring
a little bit of Interaction '09 to you.

A taste:

- Sarah Toy will explore the overarching themes of designing for
behaviour and social change

- Steven LeMay will summarize some of the discussion of NUIs, Microsoft
Surface and gestures

- Iain Lowe will talk about design patterns

- Kaleem Khan will talk about Dan Saffer's and Bill DeRouchey's workshop
on designing for touch screens and interactive gestures & emergent
sustainable design themes

- Meredith Noble will review Leisa Reichelt's session on Designing with
Community (specifically

- Matt Nish-Lapidus will give an overview of Mark Rettig's keynote on
"How to Change Important Stuff"

- Kim Peter will speak about Luke Wroblewski's web forms workshop

We will also screen one of the most inspiring keynotes from the
conference, by Kim Goodwin. She talked about the sustainability of our
profession and how we should be passing our craft on to others, through
mentorship, internships and more.

After the event, we'll head over to the Rivoli for refreshments and more

Everyone is welcome - bring a colleague!

- Matt, Meredith and Kaleem


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UX Irregulars are a rag-tag, fugitive fleet of user experience
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Who is IxDA Toronto?

We're a group of Torontonians interested in interaction design. The
group is an extension of the vibrant online Interaction Design
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absolutely anyone interested in interaction design is welcome -- novices
and experts, IxDA members and non-members.

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