What mobile service and device do you use, and why?

30 Nov 2004 - 3:41pm
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Gino Zahnd

I'm about to change phones, and possibly service providers, and I
figured I'd ask my opinionated colleagues what services and devices
they use, and why? I'm in America, by the way.

Devices I've been considering, although I'm not sold on, are the Treo
650, SonyEricsson p910a, and a few less feature-rich models such as a
Samsung SPH-A600. I haven't been able to be convinced that I need my
email on my phone, or the ability to chat with people, but I'm not
against those things either. What are your experiences with the newer
smart devices? What devices are rotten?

Right now I have a SonyEricsson t608, and the OS is soooo slow
(java-based) that I typically stay 2 to 3 clicks ahead of whatever menu
I am traversing. That latency leads to way too many selection errors.
It is possibly the worst phone I've ever used for that reason alone.
The Bluetooth is great for syncing info with my Mac, as well as
hands-free use.

I look forward to this discussion!


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