ADMIN: RE: What mobile service and device do you use, and why?

30 Nov 2004 - 3:51pm
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Dave Malouf

Gina, instead of making this about a service opinion service, can we focus
the discussion on what are the good and bad IxD features of the high-end
smartphone market? Seems asking the general question in the subject line is
way too off-topic for this list. You OK w/ that?

-- dave

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> I'm about to change phones, and possibly service providers,
> and I figured I'd ask my opinionated colleagues what services
> and devices they use, and why? I'm in America, by the way.
> Devices I've been considering, although I'm not sold on, are
> the Treo 650, SonyEricsson p910a, and a few less feature-rich
> models such as a Samsung SPH-A600. I haven't been able to be
> convinced that I need my email on my phone, or the ability to
> chat with people, but I'm not against those things either.
> What are your experiences with the newer smart devices? What
> devices are rotten?
> Right now I have a SonyEricsson t608, and the OS is soooo slow
> (java-based) that I typically stay 2 to 3 clicks ahead of
> whatever menu
> I am traversing. That latency leads to way too many selection
> errors.
> It is possibly the worst phone I've ever used for that reason alone.
> The Bluetooth is great for syncing info with my Mac, as well
> as hands-free use.
> I look forward to this discussion!
> Cheers,
> Gino
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