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3 Dec 2004 - 10:42pm
11 years ago
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Donna Timara

Anybody in this list with statistical analysis experience to recomend
usable-statistical tool?

I am looking for good statistical tools for my analysis and want to
know what is considered most usable. Please provide me all the names
that comes to your mind with your inputs on tools' capability and

I would love to have some comparative study between MS Excel vs. rest
of the world -- MiniTab, SPSS, SAS, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Donna Timara
Usability Engineer


6 Dec 2004 - 10:36am
Gerard Torenvliet


If you have a good understanding of statistics, SAS or SPSS are usable
enough. SPSS is probably best for light use, SAS for heavy use.

SPSS has the more usable graphical front-end; SAS is way better for
long-term use. The expert-level usability of SAS is high (IMO).


Gerard Torenvliet
g.torenvliet at

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