Enabling iphone type experiences for non-consumer devices such as industrial, medical and automotive products - looking for strategic partners from an IXDA/UX background

15 Mar 2009 - 3:10pm
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Rob Anders

Hi There,
I am CEO of an international technology company, called Anders
Electronics plc - HQ'd in London, and historically we designed and
manufactured LCD display components for companies developing
non-consumer products. (from ticket machines, to blood sugar devices,
to indusrial control panels, pay phones, car dashboards etc)

Our purpose is to help people interract with technology and for the
past 2 years we have defined a new focus which is essentially trying
to change the way engineering centric companies (especially
small-medium sized product development and manufacturing companies
making non consumer devices) go about developing products by focusing
more on the end user rather than meeting the technical objectives that
the development engineers set for themselves.

We believe that the User Interface of a product is the key
determinant of the user experience (obviously the iPhone has been a
major catalyst in this) and as such we are trying to help our
customers by letting them focus on their core competencies whilst we
'bring the product to life through the user interface'

On the hardware side, we develop 'intelligent embedded user
interface platforms' (small sized colour displays, with different
types of touchscreen technologies, pre-integrated with an embedded
system) which plug into the customers device to add functionality and
drive a next generation colour display interface. In addition, we
offer an integrated GUI software development suite AND NOW WE WANT TO
COMPLETE THE PUZZLE by offering UI design and usability services. We
recognise this is not our core expertise (human factor engineering,
Interractive Design, psychology, graphic design etc) and as such we
are looking for strategic partners to work with, with whom the
approach to product development is more than engineers deciding on a
screen size and resolution and 'throwing' a menu on the display at
the end of their software application project but rather focusing on
the end-user (be it a nurse, factory worker, bus driver etc) ensuring
that using the particular technology product is easy and enjoyable.

I would appreciate any advice, introductions and in particular to
people/organisations in the UK (right now, i cant even find an IXDA
group in the UK)

Thanks for reading my waffling text - hope the message is clear. let
me know if you have any questions.

Our web site is www.anders.co.uk (about to be updated to reflect our
new vision) and we have a film on you tube which explains it all..




15 Mar 2009 - 5:32pm
Tom Coombs


Your enthusiasm for UX will warm many hearts on this site.

It would be tough to give a full answer here. I'll give you a few
pointers ...

Firstly, there is no IxDA in London. There are a couple of IxDA
initiatives happening and another couple coming soon, but no formal
organisation. There is however, a strong large and vibrant UX

There is the UPA http://ukupa.org.uk, which holds an event every
month. It might be worth you coming to one of those. You'd get to
meet many UX people. There was due to be one this Thursday, but I'm
not sure that it's happening.

There are a few other things going on, such as the big conference in
June UXLondon http://www.uxlondon.com/

There is also the mini IAconference with its associated website
(IA is a type of UX design)

There are several agencies specialising in this work, for example,
www.system-concepts.com, www.flowinteractive.com,
www.userfocus.co.uk, www.cxpartners.co.uk, http://clearleft.com/
I don't want to attempt to make a complete list. If they're
listening they'll post themselves.

There are also many micro-consultancies and individuals, such as
myself (www.manwomanandchild.com), doing work in this field.

There is also a handful of recruitment consultants who have
specialised in this field. I can dig out websites/emails if you

Web and Mobile are the two big specialities, so experience outside of
those two might be something you'll need to seek out some more.

As with any community in which someone takes an interest, I'm sure
people will be delighted to share perspectives etc.
Feel free to contact me (details all on website), if you'd like to
talk further, get a couple of introductions.


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15 Mar 2009 - 9:20pm
Kevin T. Stein

I worked in a US-based office of CapGemini, in the Rapid Design and
Development lab. We used an application called iRise for prototyping,
and they now have an iPhone simulation deck. It's at

And for what it's worth, I've contacting one of my previous
co-workers at the RDV lab with information about his thread,
so...there, you have it.

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18 Mar 2009 - 8:53am
Dave Malouf

Rob, I tried to contact you offline, but the message didn't go
through using the address you provided the IxDA web site. Can you
contact me offline please regarding this topic. (NOT a sales pitch).

-- dave
dave.ixd at gmail.com

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