Re: Tooltips Standards

8 Dec 2004 - 5:06pm
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Jon Ochenas

The default time it takes for a tooltip to show on hover (In the MS
world) is 500 ms (Cooper also describes this as the acceptable delay).
That value is drawn from the mouse double-click time in the control
panel. You can tweak it however you like for your app, though. In the
app I work on we needed to slow tooltip display significantly because
we were bombarding the user.

The standard for placement of the tooltip WRT a text field is that it
be centered underneath the field itself. The control has built in
support to make this happen (This is opposed to tooltip for a button
which floats around to make sure it appears on-screen). This is drawn
from the Windows User Experience Guide.

I have at least one example showing that tooltips show when hovered
over the name of the text field and not the field itself, but do not
have a definitive answer on that point. Hope this helps,


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