Examples of the impacts of good design on customer service centers.

18 Mar 2009 - 6:57am
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Marcus Coghlan

Hi all,

I'm currently involved in a project focusing on improving
efficiencies in a membership enrollement process.

The applicant will now be able to submit most enrollment details
online, but will still have to supply supporting documentation
(original hard copies) for review by mail.

Staff will, on receipt of the supporting documentation, associate it
with the online submission and review the material to assess
eligibility as a member, finally notifying the applicant of the
result. The time between an applicant sending in their supporting
documentation and receiving the assessment outcome can be up to 4-6
weeks for some overseas applicants.

One of the current issues seems to be that the assessors need to
dedicate a large proportion of their time to answering queries (phone
and email) from applicants, thus decreasing the number of assessments
they can complete in a day.

The project scope seems to be heading towards simply migrating the
printed application form online and providing an application to
support the assessment process. I am (very quickly) trying to put
together a case to include an improved support system for applicants
throughout the enrollment process into that scope. Very basically,
reduce the applicant's need to contact the assessors directly by a)
providing a simple online progress status of their enrollment, and b)
improving the applicant's access to information, documents, etc.
relevant to enrollment online. Therefore, freeing up more of the
assessor's time to complete their core task.

What I really need is some statistics, case studies or existing
explanations to communicate the ROI for such ideas. Something to
convince stakeholders that some user research (at the very least)
before the scope/requirements are finalized is worth the resources

I know I've read this kind of stuff before. But now, when I need it,
its disappeared.

Any suggestions, links, experience or ideas would be most
appreciated. Thank you.


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