[PLUG] From Napkin Sketch to Live Prototype in 2 Days - GDF in SF 2-3 April

24 Mar 2009 - 9:19am
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Peter Merholz

Hey all--

Good Design Faster (April 2-3 in San Francisco) is Adaptive Path's
newest workshop -- a unique experience where attendees spend two days
with Adaptive Path practitioners sketching interactive experiences and
turning them into functioning prototypes.


The basic premise of Good Design Faster is that wireframes are good
for some things, but quick, iterative, interaction-oriented design
ain't it.

In this workshop, we'll take participants from back-of-the-napkin
sketching to the presentation and prototyping of design concepts in
two fast-paced days. The workshop deliberately spans sketching,
ideation, group collaboration, and prototyping — giving you a toolkit
of light, flexible skills for achieving remarkable productivity in
relatively short time. Highly recommended for anyone doing agile,
iterative product development (and basically anyone
who's tasked with doing more in less time).

Use promotional code FOPM and you'll get 15% off your registration!


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