If there was a quiz about whether someone was more suited to being an ixd, usability researcher, ia, etc...

27 Mar 2009 - 1:55pm
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What would be the questions and what would be the defining factor that
decides a persons core/most effective skill even if they work in
another profession?

- I focus on color theory, typography and image creation (core focus
of a visual designer)
- I focus on studying user responses/behavior when testing
interfaces/products. (user/usability research)
- I focus on the overall structure of an application to increase
navigation/findability (information architect)
- I focus on users achieving their goals faster with a more effective
interface (would that be interaction design when taking natural human
behavior into account or just interface design?)
- I focus on making information easier to understand (information
- More to be added...

While everyone of the above can practice interaction design to an
extent, imho only one core skill can be interaction design which I
assume is the 4th point unless I am confusing interface design with
interaction design.

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