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14 Dec 2004 - 6:23am
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Narey, Kevin

>This is a way we get pushed as designers and quite honestly if someone has
to ask you about a
>decision it actually means the decision itself is probably not
communicating what you want on its
>own accord. Isn't that what good design should do?

I've found myself (on my own work) using the "If you can't justify a design
decision with two clear reasons, then it *could* be superfluous" adage -
although I'm not dogmatic about it. I also try and use this 'rule' when
critiquing other's work. Seems like a useful rule of thumb to me anyway.

For in-house IxDers, I proffer that it takes a good deal of time to gain
enough recognition from superiors/customers in any organisation for detail
to become assumed. Obviously, if you have a portfolio that rocks, which
takes a while to develop anyway, then that can reduce that time.

If I said "because I like it", I would expect derision from every corner of
a naturally "style competitive/subjective" environment, such as that created
by a demo/crit. Solid, grounded design decisions build confidence and
respect in my working environment. It's a waste of company time if I
approach it in any other way.


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