Edge Case Scenarios (was: the alignment of the practices and outcomes of IA and IxD)

31 Mar 2009 - 8:17am
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Todd Warfel

Riddle me this: Great designers design systems for the majority (85%,
80/20, 90/10, etc.). So, why are the great designers of the fields of
practice of IA and IxD arguing over edge cases?

All this bickering about the difference of IA/IxD, or why people
aren't UX Designers, but are IAs or IxDs is an argument for 0.001%.
The case where any of us are working on a system that won't have both
IA and IxD is statistically non-existent.

So, why are we arguing over 0.001%?

Yup, I'm still Designing (big D intentional).


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