Interaction '09 Keynote - John Thackara - Designing for Business as Unusual

1 Apr 2009 - 12:28am
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Nasir Barday

In his keynote at Interaction '09, John Thackara shows the ways in which
business as we know it iss about to change for good, and then identifies how
interaction designers can take these challenges on as design problems.

Watch the video here:

About John Thackara:
John Thackara is Director of Doors of Perception, which was founded in 1993
to create a conference of that name in Amsterdam. It now produces festivals
and projects that engage a worldwide network of designers, media artists,
technology innovators, and grassroots innovators to imagine (and begin to
design) sustainable futures. He also works with cities and regions seeking
to build next-generation institutions.

A former London bus driver, and later a book and magazine editor, John was
the first Director (1993-1999) of the Netherlands Design Institute. He was
programme director in 2007 of Designs of the time (Dott 07) a new biennial
in North East England. In 2008 he is commissioner of City Eco Lab at Cite du
Design in St Etienne, the French design biennial. John is an Associate of
The Young Foundation, and is senior advisor on sustainability to the UK
Design Council. His most recent book, In The Bubble: Designing In A Complex
World (MIT Press) will appear this year in Italian, French, Japanese,
Chinese and Portuguese.

His personal web site is
- Nasir

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