Reminder about the First Nordic Service Design Conference, November 09; De-thinking Services, Re-thinking Design

1 Apr 2009 - 8:20am
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Simon Clatworthy

Just to remind you all to get your 500 word suggestions for
contributions in by the 20th of April!

Second call for contributions
The Norwegian Design Council and the Oslo School of Architecture and
Design invite you to submit suggestions for contributions to the first
Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, in Oslo,
November 24th - 26th 2009. We hope it will become a bi-annual event to
bring researchers and practitioners together to discuss, share and
evolve the emerging discipline of service design, and design-related

Service Design and Service Innovation
In the Nordic countries, almost 80% of employed people work in the
service sector. The transition from a product to service economy has
occurred at a time in which design has become a major contributor to
innovation. Focus is now upon the role that design can play in the
innovation and design of services and service experiences, and the
Nordic countries seem to be taking a leading role in researching this
change. This conference is the forum for discussing and accelerating

Service design focuses upon innovation through the holistic design of
service experiences that occur across touch-points and over time.
Design brings a different perspective to established service
disciplines such as service management and service innovation, and
both complements and catalyzes them.

This first conference will bring together researchers, practitioners,
clients and teachers who are working in the area of service design to
discuss and build the area.

By De-thinking Services; we mean to not only challenge the
traditional models of services, but also to bring the process of
design-thinking to the creation of and implementation of services. At
the same time, Service Design challenges us to Re-think Design and its
role; since design is becoming strongly strategic, system oriented and
holistic. These new approach requires of us, a deeper understanding of
design, business and other professional disciplines.

This first Nordic conference would like to invite a wide range of
submissions within the area of service design or design-related
service innovation. The mutually complementary themes of this
conference, are intended to stimulate designers and service creators
to re-evaluate their practices.

We want the conference to explore these issues through submissions
that could include such areas as:
boundaries, foundation and constituent parts of the emerging
discipline of service design
history and trajectories of service design
inclusive-design approaches to services for all
critical views
methods, tools and processes
case studies
relation to design thinking, design leadership and design management
education and research perspectives

The conference will run over three days, and participation can be for
one or more days.

Day 1, 24th November: The Business case
A day addressing business issues and commercial potential. This day
will be organised by the Norwegian Design Council, and will present
Service Design to business. This call does not relate to this day.

Day 2, 25th November: Crossover
A crossover day, bringing business and research together through
tutorials, workshops and more. This day will be organised by AHO (The
Oslo School of Architecture and Design)

Day 3, 26th November: A research day
A day to discuss research into Service Design and design-related
service innovation. This day will be organised by AHO (The Oslo School
of Architecture and Design).

In addition to this we will have an exhibition space, poster session
and various events.

Submissions and call for new types of contributions
This call is for participants who would like to contribute to the
conference days 2 or 3. This can be presenting a paper, running a
workshop or tutorial or participating in the exhibition/poster
session. You are also welcome to debut a new type of contribution.

We want to debut new contributions,and new types of discussions and
presentations in addition to the traditional workshop/tutorial/paper/
poster solution. Please, suggest something that fits the theme of the

The contributions will be published on-line and we expect to publish
them in a special edition of a Service Design journal. The call also
welcomes contributions from outside the Nordic countries.

Please send a 500 word summary detailing your proposed paper/tutorial/
workshop/poster/debut. Summaries will be subjected to a peer review,
and you will receive feedback regarding your proposal shortly after
the deadline.

The deadline for suggestions is: 20th April 2009
Deadline for papers: 24th August 2009

Contact information:
To find out more, register interest for the conference or send in a
suggestion please go to:

You are also welcome to contact us at submissions at

Simon Clatworthy
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Institute for Design
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