Workshop 28Jan05 Palo Alto -- User experience and Federated Identity

17 Dec 2004 - 6:41pm
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Nick Ragouzis

Designers concerned with a user's experience and the
interactions that make that possible are often also
concerned with business opportunities and its key

There is one technology that is ripe for just these
opportunities, to help users and businesses alike,
that is little understood in this community of designers:
the technology of digital identity.

This is an invitation to a workshop concerning the leading
technology in this domain: federated identity.
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Federated identity capabilities are ready-to-go in virtually
all identity management systems -- if in the last year you've
designed a system having a password box you've had the opportunity
to use these technologies to improve a users security and
control over privacy, plus to shape new valuable services
and to open powerful new business opportunities for your client.
Odds are you didn't know this; almost certainly your client
didn't think to ask you. By the end of 2005 this situation
will have changed, with an expected growth to 400million
enabled seats.

Curious thing is, although this technology was developed
with close attention to real business and user scenarios,
its success depends deeply, totally, on user acceptance.
Yet we lack implementation guidance and only weakly
understand foundations for producing such.

And that's where you, we, come in. If you are interested in
learning about these opportunities, and in *helping to shape*
the agenda for realizing these opportunities, please come
join the work -- sign up and attend this workshop.

(BTW, we are also looking for sponsors for this event.)


Nick Ragouzis
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