Open Source Project Management & Collaboration Platforms

10 Apr 2009 - 11:23am
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Eric Swenson

I have been working with hosted and enterprise online PM collaboration
products for over 10 years. However, I have a new client who is
requesting that their PM-collab platform be a) open source
(commercial-open source is okay, but...) b) Cost no more than $500,
and c) needs to be hosted on their own servers (thus eliminating the
possibility of working with some of my favorite ASP/SAAS solutions).

MY minimum requirements for the environment include:

- PM functions, including a graphical "interactive" Gantt-chart (or
similar device (such as what LiquidPlanner uses)
- Document management with version control and document
- Issue tracking functions (similar to Bugzilla)
- Resource management (with multi-level account permissions, etc.)
- Resource-specific to-do's etc.
- Collaboration: embedded IM, threaded discussions,
- Minimum 128 bit SSL

Tech Reqs: Linux, Apache, MySQL

I could write 20 pages more on these requirements, but I think this
conveys the idea. And by the way, I'm much better armed to have this
discussion about the bigger-name commercial apps that are out there
which do all this -- and more. My knowledge gap is particular to the
open source apps.

Thanks for any help! I'll post relevant feedback/findings!

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