"From Business to Buttons" - Here’s a great opportunity to get more inspiration that I don’t think you should miss.

16 Apr 2009 - 12:17pm
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Dave Malouf

>From Business To Buttons - Extended Early Bird until 30th of April!

Better Design And Better Business - How to get both and fun at the same time

In June,  the conference “From Business to Buttons” in Malmö, southern
Sweden is on for the third year. Some of the biggest international
names in business strategy, interaction design and usability will be
there for keynotes, lectures and workshops.

This is a great time to learn some essential new techniques, for
example touch-interfaces, agile development, and social media. These
days, it definitely feels like a good idea to sharpen your skills and
keep the competitive edge…And of course: to get the chance to meet
people from all over Europe, and make new business contacts.

For every interaction designer, business strategist and usability
expert, From Business to Buttons is the meeting place in Europe.

Early Bird Price : 900 EUR
Register and use code “FBTB is great UX” and get 15 % of the Early
Bird price (brings it down to 765 EUR)

Don't miss out. Sign up now! http://businesstobuttons.com/register

Learn more and see the complete program at http://businesstobuttons.com
Join us in Malmö, Sweden, June 11-12!

Dave Malouf

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