[JOB] UX Designer (Focus: IA & Writing). Seattle. Angry Lapdog Productions

27 Apr 2009 - 11:54am
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Tom Callaghan

Angry Lapdog Productions* is a very early-stage startup.  We’ve
identified a category of content-  call it “X”-   that is all over the
Web, yet has never been the focus of a Website.  We aim to dominate
“X”-  to be to “X” what Google is to web pages and Amazon is to
consumer goods.

Your mission, as our fourth team member and first person focused on IA
and writing, will be to figure out how to communicate this new content
category to users and match users with specific content.

You will…
• Define “X”’s boundaries and characteristics by sorting through examples of “X”
• Create and test  language for communicating about “X,” including:
What should we call “X”?
• Design product iterations, producing site maps, wireframes, behavior
documents, etc.
• Work with our IxD/ visual design-focused UX designer to QA and
improve each others’ iterations
• Write descriptors for specific content.  Establish a pattern,
develop guidelines, & outsource
• Use language to persuade users to interact with our product and content

You’ll need…

Experience with Websites
• Taking functional requirements and producing UI specifications ready
for engineering
• Demonstrated strength with information architecture, e.g.,
• • Auditing content, inferring patterns, and defining relationships
• • Designing devices for the user to find content, including:
• • • Static devices, e.g., site maps, navigation, labels
• • • Dynamic devices, e.g., search, collaborative tagging, recommender systems
• Demonstrated strength with writing-  both to explain and persuade

• A passion for finding patterns…
• …  and the patience to sift through massive quantities of data in
search of those patterns
• A love of language and words
• The empathy to see your work through the eyes of our users…
• … and the inclination to seek inspiration from, and test ideas with, users

• A portfolio that demonstrates your experience
• Desire to work in an agile startup environment
• Willingness to work with us in Seattle

The work will be hard.  The challenge will push your skills to the
limit.  We may make a lot of money… but we may crash and burn.

Join Angry Lapdog Productions.  Change how the world understands the Web.

Send resume and portfolio to: resume at angrylapdog.com

*We may or may not be staffed by small, ill-tempered canines.

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