Come design itsme with us - New project website 2.0

28 Apr 2009 - 12:11pm
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Nikhil paul

Hi ,
I introduced itsme project to Ixda community in Feburary and received
some interesting comments related to the project.

For the new members, itsme is a new kind of personal computer based
on stories and venues. We are in the middle of the development phase
and you can see some on-going design activity on the new website.

In the past, I also received feedback related to the project website
- that people would like a more interactive way to discuss, evaluate,
ask questions, and keep a track of itsme development process.

In response to this, we have recently launched a new itsme website
2.0 that can be found at The site is still new,
but we plan to invest a lot of time and energy to enrich it.
You are most welcome to join the community and post discussion
topics, comments etc.
The aim is also to make the website a meeting point between
interaction designers, developers, and potential users to discuss
itsme and the realted scenario. So l would love to have you as a
member of our community and hear more from you.

comments feedback are welcome.

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