Bill Moggridge says IxD is over. ; -) (not really, but its nice and provocative)

30 Apr 2009 - 11:25pm
7 years ago
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keyur sorathia

Bill Mogridge says "IXD is over".

I feel not. I do ethnography studies in rural parts of India where i see
huge need of good interaction design.
People dont know how to save contacts, not even how to see a last dialed
number, checking messages (even if they are using mobile for more than 2
years), then how can we say IXD is over.

Bill Mogridge says, " it was necessary at the time to define it as a
discipline because
software was so new and no one knew how to design it."
People do not even know what is internet, computer etc. We are still
struggling to design for these people, who do not know technology/design,
but technology/design can change their lives at certain extent. We are still
struggling to make a good design to help them to complete atleast some basic
tasks (like saving a contact no.)

I respect Bill (i love his book also), but I feel it is a long run for IXD
to get over till these critical issues are not solved.


On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 11:09 PM, Jeremy Yuille <overlobe at>wrote:

> nice thoughts Dave and Uday,
> my *quick* take on the practice/discipline thang is that they're
> different and complimentary..
> to me, practice is about the doing of something in the lived world..
> it is an expansive activity that is necessary for a field to grow and
> mutate
> a discipline (for me) codifies that knowledge so that the learnings
> from practice can be applied more widely (in education for example).
> SO, yeah like you're saying Dave.. they're different..
> ...and discipline tends to lag behind practice in the day to day
> stuff, but has the potential to effect foundational game-changing
> shifts, or lead practice.
> so what..? I am interested in talking about the finer points of the
> discipline/practice etc, but also think this is possibly not the most
> appropriate forum for that. I do think the unspoken issue in this, and
> other related UX, IxD, etc etc discussions is:
> "how does all this impact [my] daily working and intellectual
> life?"
> which is where I start thinking about IxDA and its capacity to
> mediate between emergent practices and convergent disciplinary
> thinking..
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Keyur Sorathia
Towards Better Interaction
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1 May 2009 - 12:15am
Christian Crumlish

have we reached the "IA is dead" stage of IxD navel-gazing?


Christian Crumlish
I'm writing a book so please forgive any lag

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