ADMIN: Rick is taking over for 2 weeks ... Be gentle!

7 Jan 2004 - 3:15pm
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Dave Malouf

Hey there folks,

I'm going on vacation ... well I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon
for the next two weeks ... Yea! that's great! ... Anyway, while I'm gone
you're new moderator will be on duty, Rick Hesketh is your man!

For most of us since this list is basically unmoderated it will be no
problem. For first time posters, your posts might take a tad longer to get
approved and it might not only be for your first post, so be patient. If you
have questions I bet almost all of them can be answerd with our new
instructions page at or with our
guidelines at If
those don't help you out, you can send a message to
lists at and Rick is sure to get it and respond in a
timely manner.

I wish everyone a happy new year.


-- dave

David Heller
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