What is the Best Practice for Usability Testing aRegistration Process.

14 May 2009 - 10:40am
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Amy Jones

Hi Paul,

You have different scenarios, or you have different designs? I'm not
sure how you would test for validity of a scenario with usability
testing -- in that case it sounds like you'd want to do contextual work
to see if you find your scenarios 'in the wild.' But if what you really
mean is that you have three slightly different designs, then you're
right, you shouldn't test all three designs with the same individual.
What this means, of course, is tripling the number of tests you need to
do. For that reason, I probably wouldn't take the time to test all
three. I'd test the most promising one and see how it does, and based
on that test the others if there are problems with the first. If I had
three slightly different designs and I wasn't sure what direction to go,
I'd test them as paper prototypes rather than fully-implemented designs.

Some of the other responses seem to be confusing "showing people the
design" with "usability testing." Showing non-designers a design will
not likely get you good information; but running usability tests where
they actually need to use the design will.

Good luck,

Amy Jones

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aRegistration Process.

Does any have any suggestions for how to best design a test for a
registration process.

We have 3 different scenarios involving a step process. If we take a
group of people and perform a usability test, should we put them
through all three scenarios? We're thinking this might skew results
as they'll become familiar with the scenario (because each scenario
has relatively minor nuances for differences). Also, they could
become fatigued.

Any suggestions how to produce the best results and most accurate

Thanks, Paul
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