seating and ergo Tale of buying a chair

21 May 2009 - 11:39am
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I had similar experiences buying a Hag Capisco here in PGH. There is a
huge disconnect between the Hag company that designs/makes chairs and
the antiquated distribution system of getting chairs to people. I spent
more time trying to get the local dealer to order one than I did
anything else.

Not to start a chair thrash, but you should look at other high-end
chairs and seating/ergonomic options. I liked the Aeron I had, but
after doing a lot of ergo research (was out of work due to RSI for ~1.5
years) I've switched to "perching" instead of sitting.

The Hag Capisco is an excellent perching chair, IME. I wrote something
up about it a couple of years ago, and ~four years after buying it, I'm
still just as happy with it:


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