Sketching ideas for an open source / open design UI prototyping project?

22 May 2009 - 12:16pm
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Jakub Linowski


A few months ago I announced that I have started an open source UI
prototyping project - fluidIA:

Since then, the project has moved forward and I just wanted bring to
attention at least one possibility for Interaction / User Interface
Designers to get involved - through open sketching. I'm not trying to drag
people in, but the sketching section has evolved and I thought that perhaps
by example it might now be clearer for those wishing to get involved, to do
so. So far I have been sharing all of my upcoming ideas for this tool over

Perhaps the process is still a bit rough, but I also just wrote up a few
tips on how to get the sketches up and shared onto the blog by means of
Wordpress. I'm open to giving Wordpress accounts to people who want to
upload ideas on their own. If the technicalities are too burdensome, sending
in ideas by email is fine too.
Uploading tips are over at:

The latest build of this still evolving tool can be seen at (requires Firefox).

So if you feel like to join in and steer the direction of this open design
project by means of a similar sketching process (or just giving feedback and
commenting), I'm more than welcome to hear out what you have to say or show.
After all, this is a tool for UX/UI people. :) And yes, if you come up with
an idea, you will receive credit.

All the best,
Jakub Linowski

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