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1 Jun 2009 - 2:08am
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Yogesh Bhide

SAS R&D India. Pvt. Ltd seeks a usability analyst for its R&D Usability team.

As a member of the R&D Usability team, this person will design, prototype, and document SAS solution user interfaces. The duties of this position will include conducting usability studies, prototyping and producing detailed UI design specifications; ensuring user interface consistency within a multi-application suite; creating and maintaining usability standards; evaluating new technology, and other duties as assigned.


* Works on a single product or product suite.
* Focuses on user goals and needs and the flow of tasks to achieve those goals.
* Designs and conducts usability field studies & contextual design projects.
* Influences the product development team to support UCD.
* Demonstrates awareness of market/ competitors and knowledge of users in problem solving.
* Independently develops long term strategy for usability work on product.
* Communication and presentation skills necessary to present, explain, negotiate, and monitor design solutions.

Primary responsibilities

* Performs research focused on understanding work practice and user behavior as individuals and as part of a work group.
* Interacts with customers, user groups, and marketing to identify functional requirements.
* Works in cross functional teams to translate functional requirements into system design.
* Designs, develops, and documents high level and detailed prototypes to effectively communicate designs.
* Runs design reviews and usability tests with key stakeholders and representative users to validate designs.
* Produces specifications describing the appearance and behavior of the user interface for a product in development.

Technical Skills

* Creates screen designs using image processing tools like Photoshop, Fireworks and MS Visio.
* Develops functional prototypes using Flex.
* Familiar with UI guidelines for relevant development platforms like Windows, Swing and Eclipse.

Educational Background

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Cognitive Psychology, or related field.
* User interface design experience.

Work Experience

* Minimum years of experience: 5 years
* Maximum years of experience: 8 years

To apply, please submit your resumes online using the following link:
(Please click 'Apply Online' button seen on the above webpage)


The candidate may be given a design task if necessary.


7 Jul 2009 - 6:30am
MediaMetrics India

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