Cultural Differences in Discussion Board Usage

3 Jun 2009 - 4:01pm
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Carolyn Chandler

I was talking to someone recently who had heard that there are cultural
differences in the amount of usage of discussion boards. In particular,
she heard that discussion boards are not as frequently used in Europe as
they are in the US, in general. Since we want to encourage adoption of
discussion boards on the company intranet, I'm interested to hear if
anyone has info on:

The frequency of use of discussion boards, varied by region

The adoption of discussion boards on a company intranet, especially if
there are cultural differences

Any differences people have noticed when testing discussion boards with
a mix of regions or cultures represented

The features we're looking at are pretty typical (posting and replying
to discussions or questions) so my gut feel is that there probably isn't
a huge difference, but I'm trying to figure out how important it is to
make region one of our variables for testing.

Thanks in advance!


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