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6 Jun 2009 - 1:55pm
7 years ago
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Justin Kawashima


I am on a project that involves cross-location collaboration, and
I'm looking for a video tool to allow me to sketch on *paper* in
real time, and broadcast what I'm doing to my own computer screen.

I have a webcam which I have jimmy-rigged to shoot downward to my
desk. We use screen-sharing programs (WebEx, etc), so I have that
covered. What I need is a good recommendation for something that
will stream the video-capture to a reasonably large preview window on
my own screen, so that, by sharing my screen, people can see me
drawing on my desk.

Anybody effectively working with technology like this to bring the
immediacy of gool-ol' pencil/paper to their digital world?

Any shared insight would be appreciated!! =)




8 Jun 2009 - 6:24pm
alastair simpson

Hey Justin,

I saw a presentation of some software last year which, if I recall correctly my be able to help you. Check out this site: (Apologies for the video which plays immediately, very annoying....).

I didn't end up using the software, but I am sure in the demo they were video conferencing and sharing a sketch live with 2 users in different locations and on their own screen, so it may be what you are after.

The contact I have can be found here:

Hope it helps.



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